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Can I cater for you?

You Don’t Need A Restaurant To Eat Gourmet!


What is Moes Kitchen?

A home-based, black woman owned; gourmet business established in Waterford, Ml. Formed by a hard-working single mom, who enjoys creating gourmet meals.

Who is Moe?

I AM YOUR PERSONAL COOK, here to satisfy your gourmet needs! I am a self-taught cook, born and raised in Pontiac, Ml.

One day I wanted a gourmet experience that I knew I couldn't afford... That was enough motivation for me to create the experience I wanted and make it a reality for all. After creating my first meal and displaying it on my social media platforms, my audience began to grow daily. Within my first year of blogging someone reached out and booked me for my very first catering service experience; from that day forward, I knew my vision was coming full circle.

My main goal is to provide you with the best experience, the gourmet way.

Thank you for visiting, I can't wait to give you the experience!


>>Birthday Parties

>>Bridal Showers

      >>Brunch Gatherings

    >>Corporate Events

     >>Family Gatherings

>>Private Dinners

>>Meal Prepping


>>In Home One on One Classes

>>Virtual Classes

G O U R M E T F O O D B R O U G H T T O Y O U!!


'Exploring Life & Business with

Myesha Simpson of Moes Kitchen'


“ It’s All There “


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